Starring Eva Kastner-Puschl and Jessica Renfro 

Lynda Saponara, piano

9/17/17 3pm German Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

2/26/17 Pennington UMC, pennington, 4pm

11/19/16 Emanuel lutheran, New Brunswick, 7pm

10/23/16 St. Andrew's Episcopal, Lambertville, 4pm

10/22/16 Barclay Square, Princeton 7pm

to date this concert has raised over $1000 for area food pantries

A 90 minute spooky retelling of a classic fairy tale fused with jazz, pop, and classical music...

The Sea to Shining Sea Radio Hour: A Patriotic Tribute to Our Veterans

Amy Suznovich, soprano

Stefanie Watson, piano

Running Time 60 Minutes

9/10/17 4pm Pennington, United Methodist Church

60 S. Main Street, Pennington, NJ

Free Will Offering, All donations go to

Vocalist Amy Suznovich and pianist Stefanie Watson have joined forces to present Sea to Shining Sea Radio Hour, a concert that brings popular wartime tunes from throughout American history to a live audience. Performed in the style of a 1940’s radio broadcast, this show features classical, jazz, and folk music, along with video interviews of local veterans, colorful 40’s memorabilia, and dancing.

Written and directed by Jessica Renfro, Sea to Shining Sea Radio Hour is being held as a benefit for, an organization whose mission is “to use public issue campaigns to give a voice to veterans on matters of national security, veterans' care, and every day issues that affect the lives of those who served, and their families.”

Viaggio: A Transatlantic Love Affair

Jessica Renfro, mezzo-soprano

Lynda Saponara, piano

Running time 70 minutes

5/21/17 All Saints' church, Princeton, 4pm

3/6/16 Pennington UMc, Pennington

to date this concert has raised $3400 for AFSP (American Foundation for suicide prevention)

"It was an absolute pleasure to hear two consummate professionals perform at the highest level. The program was well-chosen and a delightful change from the usual. Traveling between Italian opera and seldom-heard 19th Century American music and Spirituals was both entertaining and enlightening. The varying and clever visual backdrop added a unique treat for the eyes. All in all the perfect Sunday afternoon concert to be savored and remembered fondly. Thank you, Lynda and Jessica."   --Howard Zogott, Board Member of Boheme Opera NJ

"The program was well thought-out and well executed, showing off the considerable abilities of both artists...One can only hope that this marks the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration between these two performers who are so obviously dedicated to their art as well as to the great cause which occasioned the performance." --Edward Bogusz- producer-founder  Edward Bogusz and Friends

"The music was wonderful, but I especially appreciated the light-hearted approach you two took, both with your program and its presentation.  Thank you so much for doing this for the Foundation again this year. It was a joy and honor to be able to attend!" - --Betty W.


Find out more about Pamela Muscente's Out of the Darkness walk and make a donation:


American Heart: A Benefit for Syrian Child Refugees



6/25/16 Barclay Square, Princeton


We've watched the news over the past few years and have grown used to hearing about the war in Syria. As the situation becomes more and more dire for the people living in the region, we want to reach out, but just can't imagine how we as individuals can impact a crisis that is so massive. And so, we usually have a moment of sadness and ultimately do nothing. But what if we could imagine a way to help people on the ground making a difference in this conflict?

While musicians don’t command the highest of salaries, we can use our art to do good in the world.  We’re asking you to help bring relief to the children of Syria and create a better future for them. We’re holding “American Heart” the week before July 4th, a time when we remember to be grateful for the freedoms we have in our country.  We think this is a perfect time to celebrate America by giving aid to those who can’t enjoy the privileges that we have.

The event begins at 5pm on June 25th and will be a complete night of family entertainment, including classical and jazz music, special guest Philip Orr on jazz piano, food from around the globe and activities for children. The event is BYOB and will be held at the Barclay Square Clubhouse, with refreshments on the beautiful outdoor patio. 

Want to help this great cause but can't make it that night? Consider making a donation to the UNICEF #ChildrenofSyria campaign. This is a wonderful charity with a long history of making a difference and one of the top rated charities from No donation is too small! We can show our hearts as Americans this summer and change childrens' lives for the better.