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Lost In The Woods Press Kit

LOST IN THE WOODS is the journey of two starving children who must find their way in a world that threatens to both empower and devour them.This 60- minute journey through Hansel and Gretel’s forest is a collage of classical music, jazz, pop, lip-sync, theatre, and multi-media.

Gretel is confronted with candy, delusion, fashion, and popularity in this piece that explores the concept of hunger. Faced with these temptations, Gretel must choose whether she will betray her values and endanger the life of her brother or risk everything to save him. The witch presents a glamorous mix of predator and role model while the narrator comments with the shallow glee of a reality show host.

The performance was created and produced by Jessica Renfro, a classically trained singer who has performed throughout the United States and Europe. As a former singer/songwriter, she recognizes that many genres of music are relevant to artistic expression, and she seeks to bring humor, immediacy, and modernity to the presentation of classical music with this show. Lost In The Woods uses music of all types to reflect the current dissonance of poverty surrounded by decadence.