Lost In The Woods Playlist

Candy and Witches and Judy Garland--oh, my!!!


1. Heebie jeebies by boyd atkins

What is lurking in the forest?! I don't see anything following us, but I'm starting to get the heebie jeebies!!! 

2. Hexenlied by felix mendelssohn

I've heard there is a hungry witch who lives in the forest, and her name is definitely not 'Glenda'!

The swallow flies, the spring is victorious and gives us flowers for our wreaths. Soon we will scuttle softly out the door and fly to the magnificent dance.
A black billygoat, a broomstick,the oven-fork, the distaff,tear us along as swiftly as lightning and wind, through roaring winds to Brocken Mountain.
Around Beelzebub we all dance and kiss his clawed hands. A swarm of ghosts takes us by the arm and swings torches in a dance.
And Beelzebub promises the troupe of dancers gifts upon gifts:  They will be beautiful, they will walk in silk, And they will dig up pots of gold.
A fiery dragon flies around the roof and brings us butter and eggs. The neighbours see the sparks fly and hold up a cross to ward off the fire. The swallow flies, the spring is victorious the flowers blossom on the wreath. Soon we will scuttle softly out the door; hurray for the magnificent dance!

3. I put a spell on you by screamin' jay hawkins

Oh, no! If the witch catches us, we will never escape this forest!


Run, you fools!

Who rides so late through night and wind? It's the father with his child; he has the young lad safe in his arm. He holds him tightly, he keeps him warm.
"My son, why do you hide your face, so frightened?"-
"Don't you see, father, the Alder-King? The Alder-King with his crown and tail?"-
"My son, it's a wisp of fog."
"You sweet child, come, go with me! Such beautiful games I'll play with you. There are lots of beautiful flowers on the shore; my mother has many golden clothes"-
"My father, my father, and don't you hear what the Alder-King promises me softly?"-
"Hush now, stay quiet, my child; the wind is whispering in dry leaves."-
"Do you want, fine lad, to go with me? My daughters shall wait on you, hand and foot! My daughters lead the nightly dance, and they'll show you how to sway and dance and sing."-
"My father, my father, and don't you see Alder-King's daughters in that dark place?"-
"My son, my son, I see it clearly: The old willows shimmer so gray.-"
"I love you, your beautiful shape tantalizes me, and if you are not willing, I'm going to take you."-
"My father, my father, now he's grabbing me! Alder-King hurt me!"-
The father is filled with horror; he rides quickly. He holds the groaning child in his arm. He just barely reaches the homestead---the child did not wake up.

5. night wanderers by samuel barber

It's hard to get to sleep in the cold, dark forest! I feel like I could go crazy out here!

6. headless horseman by thurl ravenscroft

How could I possibly fall asleep with a monster like that wandering around?

7. A Charm by benjamin britten

But if I don't fall asleep soon, the witch will enchant me! 

8. I don't care by harry o. sutton

How can the witch be so cruel? Surely she has a merciful side?! Gulp.

9. ding dong! The witch is dead by harold arlen

That witch didn't have a nice bone in her body! Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief. I wish I could have asked her where she bought those shoes, though...