Culture Meets Compassion This September! 

We return to Pennington United Methodist Church:

Amy Jean Suznovich and Stefanie Watson present this warm-hearted, patriotic concert in the style of a 1940's radio show with live performances of popular wartime tunes, sing-along selections, and video interviews of local veterans.


The show is free to attend, and all donations will go to help VOTEVETS.ORG lobby for veterans' causes in Washington, DC. 



Thank you to every person who has attended an M4M Productions concert this year! Because of your generosity, in our first year we have raised over $6600 for charities including AFSP, UNICEF, and several local food pantries!

Live at the Philly Fringe Festival:

 Lost in the Woods and abandoned by their parents, Hansel and Gretel are about to be found by a glamorous and vicious world. Mimicking the modern day confusion handed to children through the internet, the siblings enter a forest where the witch is equal parts Kardashian and cannibal, popularity is a virtue, and everyone is hungry for more. As the characters sing, dance, and lip-sync their way through the trees, love will be placed over likes and an important lesson learned about the meaning of success (Family friendly, 60 minutes).